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13 мая, 2023

Victory Parade, natural fires and the resumption of flights to Georgia // What the week of May 8–13 was remembered for: figures, quotes and facts

According to the letter of the law, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on calling up citizens for military training. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed […]
12 мая, 2023

New changes are being prepared for special administrative districts // Plans to simplify the “move” to the Russian Federation were discussed at the St.

Further fine-tuning of the regime of special administrative regions (SAR), as followed from yesterday’s discussion at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, in addition to the […]
10 мая, 2023

Natural fires in Russia // Footage from the affected regions

In several Russian regions, a state of emergency has been introduced due to wildfires. The situation in the Kurgan region remains especially difficult, where 21 people […]