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26 апреля, 2023

Supervision reached out to energy systems // The assets of the former accomplice Vyacheslav Gayzer want to confiscate

The Prosecutor General’s Office demanded that the assets owned by the defendants in the high-profile criminal case of the former head of the Komi Republic, Vyacheslav […]
29 марта, 2023

Bribes in the military registration and enlistment office recognized conditional

The judge of the Kalininsky District Court of Ufa, Timur Khasanov, found Konstantin Vyropaev, former head of the department for training and conscription of citizens for […]
16 марта, 2023

The investigation returned to the Grave // ​​A measure of restraint in cases of crimes of the 1990s was chosen

In St. Petersburg, a preventive measure was chosen for Sergei Tashchilin, Alexei Kharitonov and Igor Semenov, whom the investigation incriminates with involvement in the murders committed […]
14 марта, 2023

Through the thorns to the rally // The first street action since the beginning of the pandemic in Ulyanovsk took place despite the ban of the mayor’s office

The Ulyanovsk regional court on Tuesday confirmed the right of citizens to gather for rallies in the local «Hyde Park» without the consent of the mayor’s […]