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13 мая, 2023

“It would be nice to return to Eurovision when conditions in Europe change” // Participants from Russia on whether they miss the contest

Anastasia and Maria Tolmacheva, winners of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006, finalists of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014: Photo: Alexander Spitsin — We miss you […]
11 мая, 2023

Hostages taken for Yakut bank in Moscow // Accomplices of shadow banker Dmitry Rubinov convicted

As it became known to Kommersant, five members of a criminal group received from 10 to 11 years in a strict regime colony, who, by order […]
10 мая, 2023

Natural fires in Russia // Footage from the affected regions

In several Russian regions, a state of emergency has been introduced due to wildfires. The situation in the Kurgan region remains especially difficult, where 21 people […]
5 мая, 2023

“You don’t need to have an ear for music to master the tone of the Chinese language” // How to try to greet someone in Mandarin

More than 1 billion people speak Chinese worldwide. The use of hieroglyphs and other difficulties of «Chinese literacy» are directly related to the philosophy, culture and […]