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1 мая, 2023

New buildings attracted buyers // But the average prices for them remain stable

The revival of demand for new buildings due to the gradual adaptation of the market, the return of some buyers and their interest in family mortgages […]
27 апреля, 2023

Which mortgage is profitable in 2023

What types of mortgage lending exist in Russia, the most profitable programs and their conditions — in the material «Kommersant». What is a mortgage Mortgage loans […]
26 апреля, 2023

Year of retail lending // But experts doubt the possibility of a positive scenario

The consumer lending market has recovered after the failure of 2022, and some of its segments in 2023 will show results comparable to the results of […]
25 апреля, 2023

Mortgage down payment 2023: minimum amount and conditions

Why do you need a down payment when applying for a mortgage loan, what determines its size and what funds can be used — in the […]