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16 мая, 2023

From the world on flash drives // The authorities will support electronics manufacturers through customs duties

The government introduces an additional customs fee for companies importing electronics, multimedia and telecom equipment into Russia — in total, 108 groups of goods fell under […]
13 мая, 2023

“It would be nice to return to Eurovision when conditions in Europe change” // Participants from Russia on whether they miss the contest

Anastasia and Maria Tolmacheva, winners of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006, finalists of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014: Photo: Alexander Spitsin — We miss you […]
12 мая, 2023

Is the legal market ready for a change in the rules of the game // Anna Zanina on the possible future of Russian lawyers and attorneys

The issues of the future of the Russian legal services market have become one of the most discussed issues at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum […]
12 мая, 2023

The Ministry of Emergency Situations saves its own // The accused rescuers in the case of the fire in the «Winter Cherry» are asked to be released from terms and penalties

The Ministry of Emergency Situations said that they consider unfounded civil claims filed against the defendants in the criminal case about the fire in the Kemerovo […]